Looking for a technology platform that can host your Reg A, Reg D or Reg CF raise? Check out our complete list below of equity crowdfunding platforms. Important to keep in mind, some of these companies are purely technology platforms to host your raise while others on this list are also marketplaces that have their own member base of prospective investors to introduce your audience to.

Considering a capital raise for your company? We’d highly recommend you contact us first and let us help you pick the best platform. Theses platforms all have a varifying degree of features/functionality and pricing can also vary significantly between platforms. Reach out to us here and we’ll guide you through this critical process to select the best platform for your particular raise.

Ryan Frank, CEO & Founder of Funded

List of Crowdfunding Platforms (A-Z)


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation D


Regulation A


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF

Manhattan Street Capital

Regulation A | D


Regulation D | CF

Regulation D Resources

Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF

Rialto Markets

Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF

Seed Invest

Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF


Regulation A | D | CF

Know of an equity crowdfunding platform that we are missing on our list? Please shoot us an email and let us know so we can add it!

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About the Author: Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank is the CEO & Founder of Funded which provides end-to-end marketing/advertising solutions for equity crowdfunding and private placement capital raises. Ryan has been in the digital marketing industry for 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the equity crowdfunding/capital raise space.

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